Why Do I Need A Shopping List?
February 5, 2019
Do people really need shopping list? They are smart, they know names of items and they do not need a reminder. That’s what I used to say till I started going back to the mall twice a day because I forgot to buy an important item.

We have a lot on our mind. That’s why we need to plan our daily activities which shopping is one of them. Our houses are filled with items and those items were purchased. Our household equipments and cooking ingredients are the easiest to remember because we use them all the time. But we still forget them sometimes.

A shopping list is just a list of items that you want to purchase. It shouldn’t be a big deal. It only means that you planned your shopping.

Shopping with a list is better because you know what you want. I compared the time I spend when I’m shopping with a list with when I’m not. I always spend more time in the market when I don’t have a list.

You can always give it a try. Shopping lists are amazing.
Posted by: Team Desir

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