Paper Shopping List Vs Digital Shopping List
February 11, 2019
Shopping lists aren't new to people and it's not going anywhere. It's only evolving. That's why we at Desir Softwares are working everyday to improve Desir.

People have written their lists on paper for a long time but the question is, where are those lists? Can you remember how much you bought peanut butter two years ago? If your lists are saved to the cloud, wouldn't that be a nice thing?

Papers are good for planning and taking notes but they are aren't good in calculations and making corrections. Desir as a digital shopping list creator helps you create a new list, add items to the list and calculates the price of items for you. You can edit the items and their prices.

When you have a long list of items on paper, you will also need a pen so you can tick the purchased items, Desir can do that for you just by tapping a button.

The world is evolving and you have to flow with it. Everything is going digital, so is your list. Download Desir today and thank us later.
Posted by: Team Desir

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