Have You Ever Gone Shopping With Your Smartphone At Home?
February 19, 2019
Only when the battery is dead. That's the answer I get whenever I ask people this question. It is so easy to answer. This is proof that smartphone have become an important part of human life.

Making calls and sending texts was the main reason why phones were built. But now they are just 5 percent of what I can do with my phone. The other 95 percent include; web browsing, using social apps, listening to music, watching videos, taking notes and planning my day. I even wrote this post with my phone.

This means that the smartphone is our biggest companion. The smartphone can do almost everything for us. Even the ones we've never thought of. Like creating a shopping list right?

We shop all the time and it's believed that planning helps you shop fast and save money. If it is what you can do with a pen and paper, then your smartphone can do it better. I'm not talking about notebook app. I'm talking about a special app made for creating shopping lists.

This app helps you create shopping lists, add items to the list, save the list to the cloud, send to your contacts and explore items.

That's why Desir was created. A shopping assistant app created to make everyday shopping easy.

I didn't know important it is until I started using it. You should try it. Thanks.
Posted by: Team Desir

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