Privacy policy

Desir Softwares is a technology company and we intend to improve the way people purchase goods and services. Simply put, We are reinventing shopping.
People sign up with us before using our app (Desir). It is your right to know the data you submit to us and what we use it for. This privacy policy is for you.
Basic account information
You have to create an account with us before you can use any of the services we offer to you via our platform (apps,websites, apis and widgets) even the ones that does not require internet connection. Creating an account with us requires your first name, last name, email, password, gender and country.
What others see
Someone can find you using your email and all the person can see are your first name, last name, profile picture or business logo. People can add you to their contact list.
Your lists
The lists that you create on Desir are stored on your device. You can backup your list to our server and you can delete it whenever you want.
You can only send lists as messages. Lists can only be sent to people in your contact list.

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