Terms of service

Welcome to Desir! Desir is a platform that helps people create and manage shopping lists, share lists with friends and contacts, gives people ideas of items to purchase.
These terms of service (“Terms of Service”) sets forth the agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Desir Softwares. (“Desir”). It governs your use of the products and services we offer through our web, apps, APIs and widgets.
Please read it, because, by using the Desir Platform, you consent to these terms.
Using the Desir platform
a. Who can use Desir?
Anyone under the age of 13 (“All countries included”) is not allowed to use the Desir platform.
b. Registering with us
When registering with us, the information we require includes the ones stated in our privacy policy. Please make sure you protect your password.
c. Privacy policy
Please read our privacy policy because by using the Desir platform, you agree to our privacy policy, regardless of your country or location.
d. Suggestions, feedback and improvements
We are always adding changes and improvements to the Desir platform, your feedback and suggestions are welcome. We are not compensating anyone for suggestions but whenever we decide to, it will be made known to the general public via our blog or social media handles.
e. What you should not do
You should not perform any form of hacking or penetration testing on the Desir platform (“Front end and back end”). This is considered a criminal act and legal actions will be taken by Desir Softwares if you are caught in the act.
Your content
a. Lists and items
Desir allows you to create lists and add items to them. Whatever kind of list and items you create are referred to as “User Content”. You take sole responsibility of your lists and items.
b. How we make use of your contents
Your lists and items are saved on your device unless you back them up online.

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